Wage and Labor Surveys

Wage Surveys

The purpose of this survey is to obtain a solid, statistical profile of the wages and benefit practices of the employers in Jay County, Indiana.

2022 Wage and Benefit Survey

2021 Wage and Benefit Survey

2020 Wage and Benefit Survey

2018 Wage and Benefit Report

2017 Wage & Benefit Survey

Labor Surveys

Through our partnership with our regional marketing group, the East Central Indiana Partnership, we have conducted surveys of our local and regional labor sheds. We have looked not only at the unemployment rates in various counties, but the underemployed, those searching for work and those who desire to switch jobs at any given time. These studies were conducted with the aid of Pathfinders, inc. of Dallas, Texas and they are provided in PDF format for your use.

2012 Labor and Availability Study

Indiana By The Numbers

This publication is from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and highlights the East Central Indiana region.

Economic Region 6 — January 2015

2014 Economic Growth Region 6 Jobs Posting & Starting Wages

2014 EGR6 – Occupational Employment Stats