Why Jay County

Why Should My Company Consider Jay County, Indiana?

When your company is considering a new location, many factors enter into that decision. Jay County is one those places you need to consider. Below are some of the reason why your next plant relocation should be to Jay County, Indiana:

  • a rich heritage in manufacturing over the last 75 years
  • proximity to 65% of all markets in the U.S. within a 24 hour drive
  • a rich supply of sites and buildings
  • a low cost of living
  • small town living with close proximity to major cities (Muncie, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Dayton, Ohio)
  • an exhilarating arts community
  • access to excellent public schools with some of the highest test scores in Indiana
  • progressive local government which is very reactive to the needs of the business community
  • a well-educated workforce that has an excellent work ethic
  • well maintained parks
  • two community pools (Portland and Dunkirk)
  • low crime rate
  • an award winning library
  • variety of year round community events
  • lowest utility rates in midwest, if not the nation!!!!
  • activites thru the local community centers for all ages!!!