What is JCDC

What is the Jay County Development Corporation?

Over 20 years ago, many communities in the midwest were suffering from a loss of manufacturing jobs and a loss of self-esteem. They were being challenged by a changing economy that was in recession and was certainly not in a growth mode. Any job was a celebration and the need for jobs was ever-present.

During that time, a very large employer in the greater Jay County area, Sheller-Globe announced that it was closing its doors and consolidating their operation to another location. This closure was to lay-off nearly 1,000 workers in the community. Shock spread through the county. People questioned what was the next step. Many doubted whether the community would ever recover from such an action.

In order to lead the community in a concerted and concentrated effort in attracting new jobs and helping to retain what the community already had, the Jay County Development Corporation (JCDC) was successfully launched in 1985. During that initial period, land was secured, product developed and several new entities were enticed to locate in Jay County. The organization was working toward the attraction of new jobs to the community along with the retention and growth of what already existed in the county.

Up to that point, many of the communities had locally based economic development efforts. The realization was that it was better to band together as a single entity, representing Jay County to the rest of the world in a unified manner. The JCDC was well received in all of Jay County and its respectability grew through the years.

In the year 2000, an effort was launched in community development. The JCDC and community leadership realized the need to assist communities in developing their local assets. Community development goes hand-in-hand with industrial development. A healthy community will help to attract and retain companies and jobs. Thus, it was deemed important that a new initiative be launched in the area of helping to develop our communities, and assisting them in their development plans.

The focus of the JCDC has remained the same for over 20 years. We are here to assist our communities in growing their economies. In some cases, this may mean helping them in the area of industrial recruitment and retention. In other cases, the JCDC will assist our communities in making their communities even better. Growth and development, with a strong concentration in professional assistance have enabled our communities to buck the trend of population loss in east central Indiana.

Strategic Plan

Please see the 2018 Strategic Plan.

What Can the JCDC Do For You?

The question is often asked – what can a group like the JCDC do for my company? Below is a listing of many of the strengths a group like the JCDC can bring to your company:

  • site and building information
  • a link to various incentives at both the local and state levels
  • community information
  • workforce data
  • ability to interact your company with local political and business officials
  • help to develop an appropriate financial package
  • networking opportunities with the Jay County Chamber of Commerce
  • customized studies relative to your business situation
  • access to a variety of employee training programs
  • wage and benefit surveys

We wear a variety of hats. We are here to assist you and your company in whatever way we can. Let us assist your next growth to Jay County, Indiana……